Hero Motocorp Partnership

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Project Green Leaf – a joint IBM,Hero MotoCorp and Hi Tech Informatics Project


The Problem

Hero MotoCorp is the world’s largest manufacturer of two wheeler motorcycles. Hero MotoCorp sells its motorcycles through a country wide network of dealers, some of which are in rural areas. The day to day tasks of keeping track of logistics and spare movement across its dealers was expensive, unreliable and draining MotoCorp of precious resources. The project, Green Leaf, which was a customized project for Hero MotoCorp was conceived by IBM and launched in collaboration with Hero MotoCorp. The project was executed by Info Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hi Tech Informatics.

The Solution

Green Leaf was conceived with a simple objective; to enable dealers to do what they do best – sell motorcycles. Hi Tech Informatics handled all the IT and technical aspects of implementing the solution. Hi Tech Informatics thus brought all 2200 dealers into a centralized common network – dealers from rural areas without adequate IT infrastructure to dealers in glitzy cities. The dealers now all run the same SIBEL application on Aix platform. The network architecture is designed for fail safe operations and optimized according to peak loads with the use of modern technologies and equipments sourced from Nortel. This project also introduced IBM’s flagship security software – ProventiaTM network in India. IBM ProventiaTM management system provides central management of security devices to control policies, events, analysis and reporting for risk free operation of networks. As with any large project, the major challenge with this project was people and personality management. The dealers were diverse and each had processes that were unique to them.  Info Services worked collaboratively to establish a common process that was acceptable and profitable to all parties. This required several rounds of training and IT consulting; trainings were conducted on the software usage, trainings were conducted on network equipments, and trainings were conducted on process.  At the end, the Green Leaf Project was a remarkable success and was implemented in under a year! and to this day continues to underline the strength of Hi Tech Informatics – our technical excellence, our commitment to the customer, and our collaborative spirit.

The Value Add

Commissioning a complex project such as Green Leaf is a part of the challenge but Hi Tech Informatics believes in making everyday operation simple and fruitful. To aid daily functioning, Hi Tech Informatics established a state of the art call center in Bangalore with several dedicated call agents. These Hero MotoCorp personnel help the dealers with their queries regarding software and in handling networking devices.  Hi Tech believes in proactively fixing problems by addressing issues early and before they become bigger. To achieve this, we use SnappymanTM, a tool that constantly monitors the dealer’s network. Whenever Hi Tech Informatics detects a problem, we fix the problem by remote means or by sending on-site engineers to address the issue.
The Green Leaf project is well appreciated by both Hero MotoCorp and by IBM. Hi Tech Informatics thus solved a mission critical problem of Hero MotoCorp by innovation, commitment to technical excellence, commitment to customer satisfaction and by its collaboration with IBM.