Canara Bank Partnership


Hi Tech Informatics has worked with large public sector enterprises such as Canara Bank, CBDT, and Income Tax department of India. There are several challenges of working with a public sector enterprise, some of which are

  • Strict adherence to established processes
  • Frequent audits
  • Copious record keeping requirement(s)
  • Detailed technology prototyping before deployment to minimize risk
 Hi Tech Informatics has embraced these challenges to provide services to Canara Bank. Since 1996. Over the last three decades, Hi Tech Informatics has provided outstanding services to help transform Canara Bank into a leading technology driven banking enterprise.

Over the years, Hi Tech Informatics has provided critical IT services such as

  • IT consultancy service
  • IT Hardware support and service (AMC)
  • Structured cabling for intra and inter branch connectivity
  • ATM outlet hookup and troubleshooting
  • Data center setup
  • Day-to-day IT operation with permanent on-site engineers

In 20XX Hi Tech Informatics undertook the important task of cabling Canara Bank for both Inter bank & Intra bank connectivity. Hi Tech Informatics started out by understanding the customer requirements for cabling. Canara Bank required high reliability with minimum downtime and hence we chose to wire Canara Bank with Molex certified CAT5 cables. Molex ceritification comes with many benefits such as low error rate, life long warranty and high conductivity for efficiency. Upon deciding on Molex our next task was to make a detailed plan keeping the Customer in mind. Some of the challenges we planned ahead for were – cabling in 3ft deep walls, no downtime and minimum inconvenience. After detailed planning, Hi Tech Informatics discussed the plan with Canara Bank to secure the necessary approvals. The final step was execution, Hi Tech Informatics executed structured cabling of Canara Bank offices over 30 nights with no  downtime and minimum inconvenience.