Bharati Partnership


Hi Tech Informatics has worked with Bharati Telecommunication for past 4 years to provide IT services. The challenges of working with a large telecommunication company such as Bharati is varied.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Fast changing technology
  • Quick roll outs with extremely low downtime
  • Constantly find avenues to minimize cost
  • Strict regulations and government compliance
  • Wide reach for technology; from small villages to big cities

Hi Tech Informatics has embraced these challenges to deliver the best and the most cost effective solution to Bharati. This case study will highlight few specific instances. System Integration and Inventory Management.

 System Integration:

Hi Tech Informatics has helped Bharati stay ahead of its competitors by deploying new technologies rapidly with very small downtime. In 2011, Bharati telecommunications migrated to Windows 7 across all desktops and laptops in India. OS migration is challenging under normal circumstances and particularly difficult for large companies; loss of data, loss of employee productivity, employee training for new environment, and update to platform specific software are common fears and difficulties. Hi Tech Informatics identified these areas of concern early and laid out a clear plan of action which was shared to the customer. Our migration plan accounted for data backups, phased deployment, identification of roll back points, hardware compatibility tests, and end user training. Thus with clear planning, technical know-how and most importantly . understanding the customer; Hi Tech Informatics was able to successfully migrate Bharati to Windows-7 to keep it ahead of its competitors.

Hi Tech Informatics has lately deployed new data centers and servers for Bharati telecommunications. For example, until recently Bharati followed a model of establishing small server rooms for serving a cluster of small cities. This model was a legacy model of operation as Bharati grew from a small start-up to a large India wide company. The challenges of maintaining staggered small server rooms are many. updates to all servers is a huge problem as they can get out of synch easily, maintaining backup data is a problem and finally it is expensive as engineer workload and training is not uniform. The need to move away from this model was apparent and Hi Tech Informatics quickly migrated Bharati to a data center to help Bharati stay ahead of its
competition. Hi Tech Informatics worked closely with Bharati to setup a hub data center which included server installation and structured cabling, planned for disaster recovery, and finally migrated data from each individual server rooms. After a successfully data center setup and migration, Hi Tech Informatics continues to provide every day support for smooth operation.

Software & Hardware Inventory Management
Most companies struggle with these questions every day and Bharati telecommunications was no different.

  • Have you ever wondered if your desktop is under AMC or warranty?
  • Are your IT assets out of control?
  • Are you rightly stocked for smooth operations?
  • When is the license for that software down for expiration?
  • What happened to the server that was in this room few days back?

In most companies IT expenditure forms a significant portion of total expenditure typically ranging from 20%-40% of total budget. An often overlooked aspect of budget allocation is estimating We divided the inventory management into three steps

Step 1 – Data Gathering: To accomplish data gathering, Hi Tech Informatics used a smart mix of custom.
Step 2 – Data Validation: Using the details collected from the previous step, HiTech Informatics manually verified the information with the concerned stakeholder. This is an essential step for non-connected devices and more importantly for record keeping.
Step 3 – Inventory tracking: The final step involves identifying and rationalizing discrepancies. For instance, Bharati has a tradition of donating used desktops and servers. Thus some desktops may show up as “missing” in our report. Hi Tech Informatics performs a detailed investigation on different company databases and record books to identify the root cause of discrepancy. With our superior technical skills and dedication to customer service, Hi Tech Informatics has helped Bharati stay ahead of its competition.